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uk /ɒn/ us /ɑːn/

on preposition (ABOVE)

A1 used to show that something is in a position above something else and touching it, or that something is moving into such a position

Look at all the books on your desk! 看看你书桌上这么多书!
Ow, you're standing on my foot! 哎哟,你踩着我的脚了!
Your suitcase is on top of the wardrobe. 你的手提箱在衣柜顶上。
They live in that old house on the hill. 他们住在山上的那间旧农舍里。
I got on my bike and left. 我骑上自行车离开了。

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on preposition (CONNECTED)

A1 covering the surface of, being held by, or connected to something

There's blood on your shirt. 你的衬衫上沾了血。
Which finger do you wear your ring on? 你把戒指戴在哪个手指上?
Can you stand on your head? 你会倒立吗?
We could hang this picture on the wall next to the door. 我们可以把这幅画挂在门旁边的墙上。
Dogs should be kept on their leashes at all times. 狗应该一直用皮带拴着。
UK We've just moved house and we're not on the phone (= not connected to the phone service) yet. 我们刚搬了家,还没有接通电话。

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on preposition (TIME)

A1 used to show when something happens

Hair salons don't usually open on Sundays. 许多商店星期天不开门。
What are you doing on Friday? 星期五你要干什么?
My birthday's on 30 May. 我的生日是5月30日。
Would you mind telling me what you were doing on the afternoon of Friday the 13th of March? 能否告诉我3月13日星期五下午你在干什么?
The bells in the clock tower ring every hour on the hour (= at exactly one o'clock, two o'clock, etc.). 开往伦敦的火车每小时整点开出。
On a clear day you can see the mountains from here. 在晴天,从这儿可以看到那些山峦。
She was dead on arrival (= dead when she arrived) at the hospital. 她刚到医院就死了。
Please leave your key at the reception desk on your departure from (= when you leave) the hotel. 离开酒店时请把钥匙交到服务台。

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on preposition (WRITING)

A2 used to show where something has been written, printed, or drawn

Which page is that curry recipe on? 那道咖喱菜的做法在第几页?
His initials were engraved on the back of his watch. 他姓名的首字母刻在了他手表的后盖上。
What's on the menu tonight? (= What food is available?) 今晚菜单上有什么菜?

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on preposition (TRAVEL)

A2 used for showing some methods of travelling

I love travelling on trains. 我喜欢乘火车旅行。
She's coming in on the 5.30 bus. 她将乘坐5点30分的火车到达。
We went to France on the ferry. 我们乘渡轮去法国。
It'd be quicker to get there on foot. 步行到那里更快些。
two figures on horseback 马背上的两个身影

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on preposition (PROCESS)

used to show that a condition or process is being experienced

He accidentally set his bed on fire. 他无意中烧着了自己的床。
Max's on holiday this week. 马丁这星期在度假。
I often get carsick when I'm on a long journey. 长途旅行时我经常感到晕车。
Crime is on the increase (= is increasing) again. 犯罪活动又开始抬头了。
UK Their flights to Paris are on special offer at the moment. 他们飞往巴黎的航班目前正在打折。
UK I'll be away on a training course next week. 下星期我要外出参加一个培训班。

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on preposition (RECORDING)

A2 used to show the form in which something is recorded or performed

How much data can you store on the flash drive? 一张软盘上能存储多少数据?
When's the movie coming out on DVD? 这部电影的录像带什么时候出?
I was really embarrassed the first time I saw myself on film. 第一次看到自己上电影时,我觉得很尴尬。
What's on TV tonight? 今晚电视有什么节目?
I wish there was more jazz on the radio. 我希望收音机里多播放一些爵士乐。

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on preposition (PAIN)

B2 used to show what causes pain or injury as a result of being touched

I hit my head on the shelf as I was standing up. 我站起来的时候,头撞在架子上。
Be careful not to cut yourself on that knife. 你要是不小心会被那把刀划伤的。

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on preposition (TO)

A2 to or towards

Our house is the first on the left after the post office. 我们家是邮局过后靠左第一家。
The attack on the village lasted all night. 对该村庄的进攻持续了一整夜。
I wish you wouldn't sneak up on me like that! 我希望你不要那样蹑手蹑脚地靠近我!

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on preposition (RELATING)

B1 relating to

a book on pregnancy 关于妊娠的书
Her talk is on Italian women's literature. 她的论文是关于意大利女性文学的。
The minister has refused to comment on the allegations. 部长拒绝对指控作出评论。
Criticism has no effect on him. 批评对他不起作用。
Do the police have anything on you (= do they have any information about you that can be used against you)? 警方有没有抓住你什么把柄?

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on preposition (MONEY)

A2 used to show something for which a payment is made

He spent180 on a hat. 买一顶帽子他花了80英镑。
I've wasted a lot of money on this car. 我在这辆汽车上浪费了好多钱。
We made a big profit on that deal. 我们在那笔生意上获得了丰厚的利润。
How much interest are you paying on the loan? 这笔贷款你要支付多少利息?

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on preposition (NECESSARY)

used to show a person or thing that is necessary for something to happen or that is the origin of something

We're relying on you. 我们要靠你了。
I might come - it depends on Andrew. 我可能会来——这取决于安德鲁。
Most children remain dependent on their parents while they are at university. 大多数孩子上大学期间仍然依赖他们的父母。
His latest movie is based on a fairy tale. 他的新电影是根据一个童话故事改编的。

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on preposition (INVOLVEMENT)

used to show when someone is involved or taking part in something

I'm working on a new book. 我正在写一本新书。
"Where had we got up to?" "We were on page 42." “我们进行到哪里了?”“我们讲到第42页了。”

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on preposition (FINANCIAL SUPPORT)

used to show what is providing financial support or an income

I only have $70 a week to live on at the moment. 目前我每周只靠50英镑的收入过活。
He retired on a generous pension from the company. 他退休后靠公司提供的丰厚退休金生活。
UK She's on (= earning) £25,000 a year. 她的年收入为1.5万英镑。

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on preposition (FOOD/FUEL/DRUG)

B2 used to show something that is used as food, fuel, or a drug

What do mice live on? 老鼠以什么为食?
Does this radio run on batteries? 这台收音机是用电池的吗?
Is he on drugs? 他吸毒吗?

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on preposition (NEXT TO)

B1 next to or along the side of

It's a small town on the Mississippi River. 剑桥位于剑河之畔。
Our house was on Sturton Street. 我们的房子在斯特顿大街上。
Strasbourg is on the border of France and Germany. 斯特拉斯堡在德法边界上。

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on preposition (MEMBER)

C1 used to show when someone is a member of a group or organization

Have you ever served on a jury? 你参加过陪审团吗?
There are no women on the committee. 该委员会没有女性。
How many people are on your staff? 你有多少职员?
UK She's a researcher on a women's magazine. 她在一家女性杂志做调查员。

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on preposition (TOOL)

B1 used when referring to a tool, instrument, or system that is used to do something

I do all my household accounts on the computer. 我用电脑来处理全部的家庭账目。
Chris is on drums and Mike's on bass guitar. 克里斯打鼓,迈克弹低音电吉他。
I'm on (= talking on) the phone. 我正在打电话。

on preposition (AGAIN)

UK literary used to show when something is repeated one or more times

The government suffered defeat on defeat in the local elections. 本届政府在地方选举中一再受挫。
Wave on wave of refugees has crossed the border to escape the fighting. 一批又一批的难民为躲避战争而越过边境。

on preposition (COMPARISON)

used when making a comparison

That's my final offer, and I can't improve on it. 950英镑是我出的最高价,我不可能再提价了。
The manufacturer has never improved on the earliest model of the car.
UK The productivity figures are down/up on last week's. 与上周相比生产率下降/上升了。

on preposition (POSSESSION)

C2 [ before pronoun ] used to show when someone has something in a pocket or in a bag that they are carrying

Do you have a spare pen on you? 你身上有没有多余的香烟?
I don't have my driving licence on me. 我没有带驾驶执照。

on preposition (AFTER)

happening after and usually because of

Acting on information given to them anonymously, the police arrested him. 警方根据匿名者提供的消息采取行动,逮捕了他。
He inherited a quarter of a million pounds on his mother's death. 他母亲死后他继承了25万英镑。
On their return they discovered that their house had been broken into. 他们回来后发现家里被盗。

on preposition (PAYMENT)

informal used to show who is paying for something

Dinner meal is on me. 这顿饭我付钱。
She had her operation done on the National Health Service. 她享受国民医疗保健制度免费做了手术。

on preposition (FAULTY)

used to show who suffers when something does not operate as it should

The phone suddenly went dead on me. 我正在打电话,电话突然断了。
Their car broke down on them on the way home. 他们的汽车在高速公路上中途抛锚了。

on preposition (POINTS)

UK used to show the number of points a person or team has in a competition

Clive's team is on five points while Joan's is on seven. 克莱夫所在队得5分,琼所在队得7分。



uk /ɒn/ us /ɑːn/

on adverb (CONNECTED)

A2 on your body or someone's body

It's very cold so put a coat on. 天很冷,穿上一件羊毛套衫吧。
She wanders around the house with nothing on. 她光着身体在房子里四处走动。
Can you remember what he had on (= was wearing)? 你记得他穿什么衣服吗?
I tried on a few jackets, but none of them looked nice. 我试了好几件夹克衫,可是都不好看。

covering the surface of something or connected to something

盖上(的; 连)上(的)
Screw the lid on tightly. 把盖子拧紧。
Surgeons managed to sew the finger back on.

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on adverb (OPERATING)

B2 used to show when something is operating or starting to operate

Could you switch on the radio? 你能把收音机打开吗?
Would you turn the TV on? 请打开电视机好吗?
You left the bedroom light on. 你忘了关卧室的灯了。

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on adverb (NOT STOPPING)

continuing or not stopping

If her phone's busy, keep on trying. 如果她的电话占线,继续打。
Stop talking and get on with your work. 别说话了,继续干你们的活。
If Elise would just hang on (= wait) a little longer she'd definitely get the promotion. 要是埃莉斯愿意再多坚持一下,她肯定会得到提升的。
The noise just went on and on (= continued for a long time), and I thought it would never stop. 噪音一直响个不停,我想它永远也不会停的。

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on adverb (TRAVEL)

B1 into a bus, train, plane, etc., or in the correct position to start using some other method of travelling

The train suddenly started moving as I was getting on. 我上车的时候火车突然开动了。
Her horse galloped off as soon as she was on. 她刚一上马,马就飞奔起来。

on adverb (PERFORMING)

C2 performing

Hurry up with the make-up - I'm on in ten minutes. 赶快化妆——我10分钟后上场。
The audience cheered as the band came on (= came onto the stage). 乐队上台的时候,观众们欢呼起来。

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on adverb (MOVING FORWARD)

B2 continuing forward in time or space

They never spoke to each other from that day on (= after that day). 从那天起他们彼此之间再没讲过话。
What are you doing later on? 你过一会儿要做什么?
When you're done with it, would you pass it on to Paul? 你看完后把它传给保罗好吗?
UK Move on, please, and let the ambulance through. 请往前挪一下,让救护车过去。
UK You cycle on and I'll meet you there. 你骑车向前走,我在那儿和你会面。

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on adverb (HAPPENING)

B2 happening or planned

Is the party still on for tomorrow? 明天聚会仍然举行吗?
I'm busy tomorrow, but I've got nothing on the day after. 我明天很忙,不过后天没什么事。
I've got a lot on at the moment. 我这会儿事情很多。
Food had to be rationed when the war was on. 战时食物必须实行定量配给。
Are there any good movies on (= being shown) this week? 这周电影院有什么好电影吗?

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on adverb (POSITION)

used when talking about the position of one thing compared with the position of another

It's amazing nobody was injured because the two buses crashed head on (= the front parts of the buses hit each other). 令人惊讶的是两辆车正面相撞,居然没有一个人受伤。
UK The bike hit our car side on (= hit the side of the car rather than the front or back). 自行车撞到了我们的车的侧面。
UK It would be easier to get the bookcase through the doorway if we turned it sideways on (= turned it so that one of its sides is at the front). 如果我们把书柜侧过来,通过门道就比较容易了。

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