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planenoun [ C ]

uk /pleɪn/ us /pleɪn/

plane noun [ C ] (AIRCRAFT)

A1 UK also aeroplane, US also airplane a vehicle designed for air travel, with wings and one or more engines

a fighter/transport/passenger plane 战斗机/运输机/客机
We'll be boarding the plane in about 20 minutes. 大约20分钟后我们将登机。
He hates travelling by plane. 他不喜欢坐飞机旅行。
a plane ticket 飞机票

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plane noun [ C ] (SURFACE)

specialized mathematics in mathematics, a flat or level surface that continues in all directions

an inclined plane 倾斜的平面

plane noun [ C ] (LEVEL)

a particular level or standard

The poet's treatment of the subject lifts it to a mystical plane. 诗人对该题材的处理使它上升到了一个玄妙的高度。
His work is on a completely different plane from (= is much better than) other writers. 他的作品比其他作家的作品水平高得多。

plane noun [ C ] (TOOL)

a tool used to make wooden surfaces and edges flat and smooth by removing small strips of the wood


plane noun [ C ] (TREE)

also plane tree a large tree with wide leaves and spreading branches that grows especially in towns


planeverb [ T ]

uk /pleɪn/ us /pleɪn/

to remove small strips of wood from a surface with a special tool

You'll have to plane some more off the bottom of the door - it's still sticking. 你得再把门底刨一刨——门还有些卡。

planeadjective [ before noun ]

uk /pleɪn/ us /pleɪn/ specialized


a plane edge/surface 平滑边缘/表面

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