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noun (NEWSPAPERS) 报纸 uk us /pres/
the press [ S, + sing/pl verb ]

newspapers and magazines, and those parts of television and radio which broadcast news, or reporters and photographers who work for them

The incident has been widely reported in the press. 报刊广泛报道了此事。
press reports/coverage 媒体报道
press reporters/photographers 新闻记者/摄影师
the local/national press 地方性/全国性报刊
The charity invited the press (= reporters and photographers) to a presentation of its plans for the future. 这家慈善机构邀请新闻界参加其未来计划的介绍会。
The press was/were out in force at the awards ceremony. 记者倾巢出动去采访颁奖仪式。
The freedom of the press (= the right of newspapers to publish news and opinions without being controlled by the government) must be upheld. 新闻自由必须得到捍卫。

[ S or U ] the judgment that is given of someone or something in the newspapers or on radio or television

What kind of press did his play get? 报刊对他的剧本评论如何?
UK The play has had a good/bad press. 媒体对这部戏的评论很好/不好。
US The play has had good/bad press. 媒体对这部戏的评论很好/不好。

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