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pricklenoun [ C ]

uk /ˈprɪk.əl/ us /ˈprɪk.əl/

one of several thin, sharp points that stick out of a plant or animal

The fruit can be eaten once the prickles have been removed. 这种水果只要去掉刺就可以吃了。

a feeling as if a lot of little points are sticking into your body

I felt a hot prickle of embarrassment spread across my cheeks. 我觉得非常尴尬,脸上热辣辣的。


uk /ˈprɪk.əl/ us /ˈprɪk.əl/

[ T ] If thin, sharp objects prickle you, they cause slight pain by touching against your skin.

She lay on the grass and the stiff dry grass prickled the back of her legs. 她躺在草地上,干硬的草轻轻扎着她的双腿。

[ I ] If part of your body prickles, it feels as if a lot of sharp points are touching it because you are frightened or excited.

Turner started to be worried and felt the back of his neck prickle. 特纳开始焦虑不安,感到颈后部阵阵刺痒。

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