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uk /pʌntʃ/ us /pʌntʃ/

punch noun (HIT)

B2 [ C ] a forceful hit with a fist (= closed hand)

She gave him a punch on the nose. 她朝他的鼻子打了一拳。

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punch noun (EFFECT)

[ U ] the power to be interesting and have a strong effect on people

I felt the performance/speech/presentation lacked punch. 我觉得那个表演/演讲/演出缺乏感染力。

punch noun (DRINK)

[ C or U ] a cold or hot drink made by mixing fruit juices, pieces of fruit, and often wine or other alcoholic drinks


punch noun (TOOL)

[ C ] a piece of equipment that cuts holes in a material by pushing a piece of metal through it

a ticket punch 剪票钳
Have you seen the hole punch anywhere? 你看到打孔器在哪里了吗?

punchverb [ T ]

uk /pʌntʃ/ us /pʌntʃ/

punch verb [ T ] (HIT)

B2 to hit someone or something with your fist (= closed hand)

He punched him in the stomach. 他朝他的肚子上猛击了一拳。

mainly US to hit with your fingers the buttons on a phone or the keys on a keyboard


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punch verb [ T ] (USE TOOL)

to make a hole in something with a special piece of equipment

I was just punching holes in some sheets of paper. 我刚才在给几张纸打孔。
This belt's too big - I'll have to punch an extra hole in it. 这条皮带太长了——我得在上面再打一个洞。

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