Translation of "responsible" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


adjective uk /rɪˈspɒn.sə.bəl/ us /rɪˈspɑːn.sə.bəl/
be responsible for sb/sth/doing sth

B1 to have control and authority over something or someone and the duty of taking care of it, him, or her

Paul is directly responsible for the efficient running of the office. 保罗直接负责办事处的高效运作。
Her department is responsible for overseeing the councils. 她的部门负责监督各市政会的工作。
be responsible to sb/sth

to be controlled by someone or something

In Australia, the prime minister and the Cabinet are responsible to the House of Representatives. 在澳大利亚,总理和内阁对众议院负责。
be responsible for sth/doing sth

B2 to be the person who caused something to happen, especially something bad

Who is responsible for this terrible mess? 谁把这儿搞得乱七八糟的?
Last month's bad weather was responsible for the crop failure. 庄稼歉收是因为上月天气恶劣。
hold sb/sth responsible

to blame someone or something

He held me personally responsible whenever anything went wrong in the project. 任何时候只要项目出现问题,他都归咎到我个人身上。
be responsible for your actions

to be in control of yourself so that you can fairly be blamed for your bad actions

The defendant was depressed and therefore not fully responsible for her own actions. 被告患有抑郁症,因此不能完全为她自己的行为负责。

B2 having good judgment and the ability to act correctly and make decisions on your own

a hard-working and responsible employee 勤恳负责的雇员
Let's stay calm and try to behave like responsible adults. 让我们冷静下来,行事尽量拿出成年人应有的明辨是非的能力。
Many big companies are now becoming more responsible about the way they operate. 许多大公司现在在经营方式上变得越来越稳健扎实。
→ Opposite irresponsible

B2 A responsible job or position involves making important decisions or doing important things.

responsibly adverb uk /rɪˈspɒn.sə.bli/ us /rɪˈspɑːn.sə.bli/

When he saw the crash, the young boy acted very responsibly and called the police. 看到发生了撞车事故,这个年幼的孩子作出了非常正确的反应,给警方打了电话。

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