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uk /rəʊl/ us /roʊl/

roll verb (MOVE)

B2 [ I or T, usually + adv/prep ] to (cause something to) move somewhere by turning over and over or from side to side

The vase rolled off the edge of the table and smashed. 花瓶从桌边滚落下来摔得粉碎。
The dog rolled over onto its back. 那只狗翻了个身四爪朝天躺着。
I rolled the wheel along the side of the road back to the car. 我沿路边把车轮滚回到汽车旁。

B2 [ I or T, usually + adv/prep ] to move somewhere easily and without sudden movements

A tear rolled down his cheek. 一滴泪水顺着他的脸颊滚下。
A wave of cigarette smoke rolled towards me. 有人在抽烟,一团烟雾向我这边飘来。
The piano's on wheels, so we can roll it into the room. 钢琴装有轮子,所以我们可以把它推进屋里来。

[ I ] If an aircraft or a ship rolls, it leans to one side and then to the other because of the wind or waves.


[ I ] If a machine is rolling, it is operating.

Just as the television cameras started rolling, it began to pour down with rain. 正当电视摄像机启动拍摄时,突然下起了瓢泼大雨。

C2 [ T ] If you roll your eyes, you move them so that you are looking up, to show that you consider someone or something stupid or silly.

When he suggested they should buy a new car, she rolled her eyes in disbelief. 他建议说他们应该买辆新车,听到这个,她翻了翻白眼,一副不相信自己耳朵的样子。

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roll verb (TURN OVER)

B1 [ T usually + adv/prep ] to (cause something to) turn over onto itself to form the shape of a ball or a tube

He rolled the clay into a ball in his hands. 他把黏土用手搓成一个球。
As I got closer, the hedgehog rolled itself (up) into a ball. 我靠近时,刺猬缩成了一个球。

[ T ] to make a cigarette by wrapping a piece of paper around some tobacco


[ I or T, + adv/prep ] to fold over a piece of clothing or material to make it shorter

We rolled back the carpet to see the floorboards. 我们把地毯卷了起来查看地板。

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roll verb (SMOOTH)

[ T ] to make something smooth and flat

[ + obj + adj ] She borrowed a garden roller to roll the grass flat. 她借了一台园圃滚压器来把草地轧平。
When you have rolled (out) the pastry, place it in a pie dish. 把馅饼皮擀好后放入馅饼盘子里。

roll verb (SOUND)

[ I ] to make a continuous, repeated, deep sound

The drums rolled as the acrobat walked along the tightrope. 在咚咚鼓声的伴奏下,杂技演员在钢丝上行走。

[ T ] If you roll your r's, you pronounce them with your tongue moving quickly and repeatedly against the top of the mouth.

When you speak Spanish you roll your r's. 意大利人发r时带有舌尖颤音。


uk /rəʊl/ us /roʊl/

roll noun (TUBE)

B2 [ C ] a piece of film, paper, or cloth that is rolled into the shape of a tube

a roll of carpet 一卷地毯
a toilet roll (= a roll of toilet paper) 一卷卫生纸

[ C ] If a person or animal has rolls of fat on their body, he, she, or it is very fat.

The dog had rolls of fat along its neck. 这条狗脖子上有一圈圈的赘肉。

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roll noun (BREAD)

B1 [ C ] also bread roll a small loaf of bread for one person

Would you like a roll and butter with your soup? 要不要来份黄油面包卷配你的汤?
UK I bought a cheese/ham/tuna roll (= a sandwich made with a roll) for lunch. 我午饭买了一个奶酪面包卷吃。

roll noun (LIST)

[ C ] an official list of names

Is your name on the electoral roll (= the list of people who can vote)? 你的名字在选民册上吗?
take/call the roll mainly US

If you take/call the roll, you read aloud the names of all the people on the list to make certain that they are present.

The teacher called the roll to see if any students were absent. 老师点名看是否有学生缺勤。

roll noun (MOVEMENT)

[ C ] an act of rolling on the ground

The dog went for a roll in the grass. 狗跑到草丛里打了个滚。
a roll in the hay humorous

sexual activity that is quick and enjoyable and does not involve serious feelings

苟合;野合(a roll in the hay 是指“在干草上打滚”;暗示快速的、令人愉快人的性活动,不涉及严肃的感情)
I wouldn't sacrifice my marriage for a roll in the hay with a waitress. 我不会牺牲我的婚姻去和女服务生苟合。

[ U ] The roll of a ship or aircraft is its movement from side to side in the water or air.


roll noun (SOUND)

[ C usually singular ] a continuous repeated deep sound

a drum roll 一阵鼓声
a deafening roll of thunder 一阵震耳欲聋的雷声


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