Translation of "season" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


noun [ C ] uk us /ˈsiː.zən/

one of the four periods of the year; spring, summer, autumn or winter


the period of the year when something that happens every year happens

How long does the dry/hurricane/monsoon season last? 旱/飓风/季风季要持续多久?

the period of the year during which a particular sport is played

The British football season begins in August and ends in May. 英国足球赛季始于8月,止于5月。
the holiday/summer/tourist, etc. season

the period when most people take their holidays, go to visit places or take part in an activity outside work

Air fares are more expensive during the holiday season. 飞机票在度假旺季比较贵。

UK a period when a set of programmes, plays or musical events are broadcast or performed

There will be more documentaries and fewer quiz shows in the autumn season on TV. 秋季电视上会播放更多的纪录片,智力问答节目会比较少。
There's a season (US festival) of 1960s French films at the Arts Cinema next month. 下个月在艺术影院会举行20世纪60年代法国电影展播。
in season

If fruit and vegetables are in season, they are being produced in the area and are available and ready to eat

Fruit is cheaper when it's in season. 当令水果要便宜一些。

at the time of year when many people want to travel or have a holiday

Hotel rooms are more expensive in season. 在旅游旺季,宾馆的房间比较贵。

A female animal that is in season is ready to have sex and able to become pregnant.


An animal that is in season can be hunted legally during a particular period of time.

out of season

If fruit and vegetables are out of season, they do not grow in the area during that time

In Britain, tomatoes are out of season in winter. 在英国,西红柿在冬季不是时令蔬菜。

during the period when fewer people want to travel or have a holiday


during the period when it is not legal to hunt animals


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