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uk /sens/ us /sens/

sense noun (ABILITY)

B2 [ C ] an ability to understand, recognize, value, or react to something, especially any of the five physical abilities to see, hear, smell, taste, and feel

With her excellent sense of smell, she could tell if you were a smoker from the other side of the room. 她嗅觉灵敏,在房间的另一端就能知道你是否抽烟。
My cold is so bad I've lost my sense of smell/taste (= I can't smell/taste anything). 我感冒很严重,闻不到任何气味了/尝不出任何味道了。

B1 [ C or U ] a general feeling or understanding

Did you get any sense of how they might react? 你预感他们会作何反应?
The helicopters hovering overhead added to the sense of urgency. 头顶盘旋的直升机加重了紧迫感。
sense of fun

the ability to enjoy life and not be too serious

Don't be angry - it was just a joke - where's your sense of fun? 别生气——只是个笑话——你乐观的天性哪里去了?
sense of humour

B1 your ability to understand funny things

She has a really good sense of humour. 她真的很有幽默感。
We have the same sense of humour. 我们有同样的幽默感。
Come on, lighten up! Where's your sense of humour? 好了,放轻松点!你的幽默感哪里去了?
sense of occasion UK

the feeling people have when there is a very important event or celebration

The decorations, flowers, and crowds gave the town a real sense of occasion. 灯彩、鲜花和人群给小镇带来了一种十足的节庆氛围。

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sense noun (GOOD JUDGMENT)

B2 [ U ] the characteristic of having good judgment, especially when it is based on practical ideas or understanding

[ + to infinitive ] I hope they'll have the (good) sense/have enough sense to shut the windows before they leave. 我希望他们走的时候会想到要关窗户。
It makes (good) sense to buy a big pack because it works out cheaper in the end. 买大包的更划得来,因为最终算下来更便宜。
[ + -ing verb ] There's no sense in waiting (= it is not practical to wait) - the next train isn't for two hours. 等下去是不明智的——要过两个小时下一趟火车才会来。
Where's/What's the sense (= what is the advantage) in paying someone when you could get a volunteer? 既然你可以找一个志愿者,何必花钱雇人呢?
Planning so far ahead makes no sense - so many things will have changed by next year. 提前这么久作计划并不明智——到明年,许多事情都会发生变化。
senses [ plural ]

the ability to use good judgment

Have you taken leave of/lost your senses? (= Have you lost your ability to make a good judgment?) 你疯了吧?
It's time you came to your senses (= started to use your good judgment) and realized that they are not going to help you. 你该醒醒了,你该明白他们是不会帮你的。
The accident brought him to his senses (= caused him to use his good judgment again) and made him stop drinking. 这一事故使他醒悟过来,不再喝酒了。

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sense noun (MEANING)

B2 [ C ] one of the possible meanings of a word or phrase

They are not immigrants, at least not in any sense that I understand. 至少就我所理解的意义上来说,他们不是移民。
The packaging is green - in both senses of the word (= it is green in colour and it is good for the environment). 包装是绿色的——这个“绿色”有两层含义。
Security defined in the broad/broadest sense of the term means getting at the root causes of trouble and helping to reduce regional conflicts. 广义上说,安全工作是指找出险境的根本原因并帮助减少地区冲突。
This passage doesn't make (any) sense (= the meaning is not clear). 这篇文章意义不明确。
I've read the letter twice, but I can't make (any) sense of it (= I can't understand it). 我把信读了两遍,但还是不解其意。
in every sense

in every way or feature

It's a book which is, in every sense, about different ways of seeing the world. 从任何意义上说,这都是一本以不同角度看世界的书。
in a sense C1 also in one sense

thinking about something in one way, but not in every way

She claims that the system is at fault and she's right, in a sense (= she is partly right). 她声称现行制度有问题,从某种意义上说,她是对的,现行制度确有改进的余地。
in no sense

not at all

We are in no sense obliged to agree to this. 我们绝不是非要同意这件事。

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senseverb [ T ]

uk /sens/ us /sens/

C2 to feel or experience something without being able to explain exactly how

Although she said nothing, I could sense her anger 尽管她什么都没说,但我能感觉到她的愤怒。
He sensed something was about to happen. 他感觉到有事情要发生。
[ + (that) ] He sensed (that) his guests were bored, although they were listening politely. 尽管客人们在礼貌地听着,但他意识到他们有些厌烦。
[ + question word ] Could you sense what was likely to happen? 你能感觉到可能会发生什么事情吗?

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  • Although they said nothing, she could sense their disapproval of her suggestion.
  • I sensed that she wasn't happy there.
  • She said nothing but I could sense her resentment.
  • I could just sense that something was wrong.
  • I sensed that he had something to tell me.

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