Translation of "sense" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


noun (MEANING) 意义 uk us /sents/

[ C ] one of the possible meanings of a word or phrase

They are not immigrants, at least not in any sense that I understand. 至少就我所理解的意义上来说,他们不是移民。
The packaging is green - in both senses of the word (= it is green in colour and it is good for the environment). 包装是绿色的——这个“绿色”有两层含义。
Security defined in the broad/broadest sense of the term means getting at the root causes of trouble and helping to reduce regional conflicts. 广义上说,安全工作是指找出险境的根本原因并帮助减少地区冲突。
This passage doesn't make (any) sense (= the meaning is not clear). 这篇文章意义不明确。
I've read the letter twice, but I can't make (any) sense of it (= I can't understand it). 我把信读了两遍,但还是不解其意。
in every sense

in every way or feature

It's a book which is, in every sense, about different ways of seeing the world. 从任何意义上说,这都是一本以不同角度看世界的书。
in a sense (also in one sense)

thinking about something in one way, but not in every way

She claims that the system is at fault and she's right, in a sense (= she is partly right), it could be improved. 她声称现行制度有问题,从某种意义上说,她是对的,现行制度确有改进的余地。
in no sense

not at all

We are in no sense obliged to agree to this. 我们绝不是非要同意这件事。

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