Translation of "settle" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


verb (AGREE) 同意 uk us /ˈset.l̩/ US  /ˈset̬-/

[ T ] to reach a decision or an agreement about something, or to end a disagreement

Good, that's all settled - you send out the invitations for the party, and I'll organize the food. 好,那就这么定了——你发聚会的请帖,我来准备吃的。
[ + question word ] They haven't yet settled when the wedding is going to be. 他们还没有确定婚礼在什么时候举行。
"The tickets are £40 each." "Well, that settles that then - I can't afford that much." “入场券每张40英镑。”“好吧,那就算了吧,我付不起那么多钱。”
I'd like to get this matter settled once and for all (= reach a final decision on it). 我想把这件事了结了。

[ I or T ] to arrange something

The details of the contract have not yet been settled. 合同的细节问题仍然没有谈妥。
Our lawyer advised us that it would be better to settle out of court (= reach an agreement in a legal case without it being decided in a court of law). 我们的律师建议我们最好在庭外和解。
It took months to settle (= bring to an end) the dispute/strike. 用了好几个月的时间才解决这次争端/结束这次罢工。
My father and I have agreed finally to settle our differences (= stop arguing). 我和我父亲最终同意不再争论。

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