Translation of "shear" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


verb uk /ʃɪər/ us /ʃɪr/ sheared, sheared or shorn
CUT 剪切

[ T ] to cut the wool off a sheep

The farmer taught her how to shear sheep. 那个农夫教了她如何剪羊毛。

[ T ] to cut the hair on a person's head close to the skin, especially without care

He recalled the humiliation of having his hair shorn and exchanging his clothes for the prison uniform. 他记起了曾被剃光头、被迫换上囚服的耻辱。
be shorn of sth

to have something taken away from you

The ex-president, although shorn of his official powers, still has influence. 前总统虽然被剥夺了权力,但是仍有影响力。

[ I ] specialized engineering If part of something, especially something made of metal, shears, it breaks into two pieces, usually because of a sideways force.

The old screws holding the engine casing had sheared (off). 固定引擎外壳的旧螺丝折断了。
shearing noun [ U ] uk /ˈʃɪə.rɪŋ/ us /ˈʃɪr.ɪŋ/

sheep shearing 剪羊毛
noun [ U ] uk /ʃɪər/ us /ʃɪr/

movement in the plates in the surface of the earth that causes them to change shape or break

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