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uk /saɪd/ us /saɪd/

side noun (SURFACE)

A2 [ C ] a flat outer surface of an object, especially one that is not the top, the bottom, the front, or the back

The names of ships are usually painted on their sides. 船的名字通常漆在船的侧面。
The window on the right side of the house was open. 我的房间在这座房屋的侧面。
Please write on one side of the paper only. 请只在纸的一面书写。
UK I've already written four sides (= pages of writing) for my essay. 我的论文已经写了4页纸了。
Canadian coins have a picture of the British Queen's head on one side. 加拿大硬币的一面有女王的头像。
Please use the side entrance. 请走侧门。

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side noun (EDGE)

A2 [ C ] an edge or border of something

A square has four sides. 正方形有4条边。
There are trees on both sides of the road. 公路两旁都有树。
They were surrounded on all sides/on every side by curious children. 他们被好奇的孩子们团团围住。

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side noun (NEXT TO)

B2 [ U ] a place next to something

I have a small table at/by the side of (= next to) my bed. 我的床边有一张小桌子。
He stayed at/by her side (= with her) throughout her long illness. 在她久病期间,他一直陪伴着她。
side by side

B2 next to each other

The children sat side by side on the sofa watching television. 孩子们肩并肩地坐在沙发上看电视。

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side noun (PART)

A2 [ C ] a part of something, especially in relation to a real or imagined central line

He likes to sleep on the right side of the bed. 他喜欢睡在床的右边。
In Britain, cars drive on the left side of the road. 在英国,汽车靠左侧行驶。
There is no money on my mother's side (of the family). 我娘家那边没有钱。
I could just see Joan on the far/other side of the room. 我能看见琼在房间的另一边。
Children came running from all sides (= from all directions). 孩子们从四面八方跑来。

C2 [ C usually singular ] the part of the body from under the arm to the top of the leg

I have a pain in my side. 我的肋部疼痛。

[ C ] UK a television channel

What side is "Coronation Street" on? 哪家电视台在播出《加冕街》?
from side to side

B2 from left to right and from right to left

The curtains were swinging from side to side in the breeze. 窗帘在微风中来回摆动。

[ C usually singular ] half of an animal's body, considered as meat

She bought a side of lamb from the butcher. 她从肉店里买了半扇羔羊肉。

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side noun (OPPOSING GROUP)

B2 [ C, + sing/pl verb ] one of two or more opposing teams or groups

This is a war which neither side can win. 这是一场双方都无法打赢的战争。
UK Our side (= team) lost again on Saturday. 我们队星期六又输了。
UK Which/Whose side are you on (= which team are you playing for/supporting)? 你是哪个队的?
Don't be angry with me - I'm on your side (= I want to help you). 不要生我的气——我是为了你好。
take sides

to support one person or group rather than another, in an argument or war

My mother never takes sides when my brother and I argue. 我和弟弟吵架时,我母亲从不偏袒任何一方。
take sb's side

B2 to support someone in an argument

My mother always takes my father's side when I argue with him. 我和父亲争论时,母亲总是站在他一边。

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side noun (OPINION)

B2 [ C ] an opinion held in an argument, or a way of considering something

There are at least two sides to every question. 每个问题至少有两个方面。
I've listened to your side of the story, but I still think you were wrong to do what you did. 我已经听过你对此事的说法,但我仍然认为你的所作所为是错误的。

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side noun (CHARACTER)

B2 [ C ] a part of someone's character

She seems quite fierce, but actually she has a gentle side. 她看起来很凶,但实际上她也有温柔的一面。

sideadjective [ before noun ]

uk /saɪd/ us /saɪd/

not in or at the centre or main part of something

We parked the car on a side street/road (= a small road, especially one that joins on to a main road). 我把汽车停在边道上。
I think that's a side issue (= a subject which is separate from the main one) which we should talk about later. 我认为这是个次要问题,我们应该以后再讨论。
I'd like a side dish of potatoes (= some potatoes on a separate plate). 我想要盘土豆作为配菜。

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