Translation of "side" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


noun [ C ] (SURFACE) 表面 uk us /saɪd/

a flat outer surface of an object, especially one that is not the top, the bottom, the front or the back

The names of ships are usually painted on their sides. 船的名字通常漆在船的侧面。
My room is at the side of the house. 我的房间在这座房屋的侧面。
Please write on one side of the paper only. 请只在纸的一面书写。
I've already written four sides (= pages of writing) for my essay. 我的论文已经写了4页纸了。
Canadian coins have a picture of the Queen's head on one side. 加拿大硬币的一面有女王的头像。
Please use the side entrance. 请走侧门。
-sided uk us /-saɪ.dɪd/ suffix

A square is a four-sided figure. 正方形是四边形。
a many-sided question 一个多方面的问题
a steep-sided hill 陡峭的山

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