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uk /saʊnd/ us /saʊnd/

sound noun (NOISE)

A2 [ C or U ] something that you can hear or that can be heard

They could hear the sound of a bell tolling in the distance. 他们能听到远处的钟声。
She stood completely still, not making a sound. 她静静地站在那儿,一声不吭。
Suddenly we heard a loud knocking sound from the engine. 突然我们听见引擎发出响亮的砰砰声。
Sound can travel over very large distances in water. 声音在水中能传播得很远。

[ U ] the activity of recording and broadcasting sound such as from a performance of music or for a film

a sound engineer/recording 音响师/录音

[ U ] the volume or quality of the sound of a television or film

Could you turn the sound down/up on the TV? 你把电视机的音量调低/高一点好吗?

[ C ] the particular quality of the music that a musician or a group of musicians produce

The band's sound is a distinctive mixture of funk and rap. 这支乐队结合了乡土爵士乐和说唱乐的音乐风格,很有特色。

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sound noun (SEEM)

the sound of sth C2 [ S ]

how something seems to be, from what is said or written

I like the sound of the beef in red wine sauce. 我喜欢牛肉浇红酒汁的感觉。
By/From the sound of it I don't think it was her fault. 听上去我认为不是她的错。
I'm going to be talking to over 90 people? I don't like the sound of that! 那么,我要和90多个人谈话,是吗?我可不喜欢那样!

sound noun (WATER PASSAGE)

[ C ] a passage of sea connecting two larger areas of sea, or an area of sea mostly surrounded by land

the Kalmar Sound 卡尔马海峡


uk /saʊnd/ us /saʊnd/

sound verb (SEEM)

sound good, interesting, strange, etc.

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A2 to seem good, interesting, strange, etc. from what is said or written

Your job sounds really interesting. 你的工作听起来真有趣。
I know it sounds silly, but I'll miss him when he's gone. 我知道这听起来很傻,但他走了我会想他的。
sound like/as if/as though

B1 to seem like something, from what is said or written

That sounds like a good idea. 那听起来像是个不错的主意。
It sounds like you've got a sore throat. 你听上去好像喉咙有些发炎。
It sounds as if they had a good holiday. 听起来他们似乎度过了一个愉快的假期。
You're going skiing with three friends? That sounds like fun. 你要和3个朋友去滑雪?听起来很好玩。
sound angry, happy, rude, etc.

B2 to seem angry, happy, rude, etc. when you speak

He sounded very depressed when we spoke on the phone yesterday. 我们昨天通电话的时候,他听上去很沮丧。
At the press conference, he sounded at his most relaxed. 新闻发布会上,他听起来十分轻松。

sound verb (NOISE)

[ I or T ] to make a noise

If the alarm sounds, leave the building immediately. 如果警报声响起,马上离开大楼。
It sounds like a bird. 听起来像一只鸟。
He sounds (= speaks) just like someone I used to work with. 他说话很像我以前的一个同事。
Sounding the car's horn, she drove at high speed through the crowded streets. 她按响汽车喇叭,猛踩油门,飞速穿过熙熙攘攘的大街。
sound the alarm

to cause a noise to be made or say or shout a message to warn people about something

Quick, sound the alarm - there's a fire in the machine room! 快,拉警报——机房里着火了!

sound verb (WATER DEPTH)

[ T ] to measure the depth of a mass of water, such as the sea, usually by sonar

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Phrasal verb(s)


uk /saʊnd/ us /saʊnd/

sound adjective (GOOD CONDITION)

not broken or damaged; healthy; in good condition

It's an old building but it's still structurally sound. 这是一座老建筑物,但结构依然完好。
Considering his age, his body is surprisingly sound. 考虑到他的年龄,他的身体还是很不错的。
Was she of sound mind (= not mentally ill) at the time of the incident? 事故发生时,她精神没有问题吧?

sound adjective (GOOD JUDGMENT)

showing good judgment; able to be trusted

She gave me some very sound advice. 她给了我一些非常好的建议。
Are these pesticides environmentally sound (= will they not damage the environment)? 这些杀虫剂是否对环境无害?
Government bonds are a sound investment. 购买政府债券是一种稳妥的投资。

sound adjective (COMPLETE)


How sound is her knowledge of the subject? 她对这一学科了解得是否透彻?

soundadverb, adjective [ before noun ]

uk /saʊnd/ us /saʊnd/

(of sleep) deep and peaceful

He was sound asleep within moments of getting into bed. 他上床没多久就进入了梦乡。

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