Translation of "sound" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


verb (NOISE) 声响 uk us /saʊnd/

[ I or T ] to make a noise

If the alarm sounds, leave the building immediately. 如果警报声响起,马上离开大楼。
It sounds like a bird. 听起来像一只鸟。
He sounds (= speaks) just like someone I used to work with. 他说话很像我以前的一个同事。
Sounding the car's horn, she drove at high speed through the crowded streets. 她按响汽车喇叭,猛踩油门,飞速穿过熙熙攘攘的大街。
sound the alarm

to cause a noise to be made or say or shout a message to warn people about something

Quick, sound the alarm - there's a fire in the machine room! 快,拉警报——机房里着火了!

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