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uk /ˈspeʃ.əl.i/ us /ˈspeʃ.əl.i/ also especially

specially adverb (VERY)

extremely or in particular

This is a specially good wine. 这是一瓶上好的葡萄酒。
"Is there anything you want to do this evening?" "Not specially." “今天晚上你有事吗?”“没什么特别的事。”
The children really liked the museum, specially the dinosaurs. 孩子们非常喜欢博物馆,特别是里面那些恐龙。

More examples

  • I'm not specially keen on cheese.
  • I wasn't specially interested in his book.
  • She seemed specially keen to talk to him.
  • The meeting was specially well attended tonight.
  • Are you specially interested in watching this programme?

specially adverb (FOR ONE PURPOSE)

B1 for a particular purpose

I came here specially to see you. 我是特意来看你的。
She has a wheelchair that was specially made for her. 她有一辆专为她定做的轮椅。
The opera "Aida" was specially written for the opening of the Cairo opera house in 1871. 歌剧《阿伊达》是专门为1871年开罗歌剧院的落成而创作的。

More examples

  • The generously proportioned singer has to have all his garments specially made.
  • I'll lend you a bag for your trip - it'll save you buying one specially.
  • A series of sorties was carried out at night by specially equipped aircraft.
  • The dogs are specially trained to follow the trail left by the fox.
  • The aircraft base is protected with specially designed shelters which are built to withstand ground and air attacks.

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