Translation of "stand" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


verb [ I or T ] (VERTICAL) 直立的 uk us /stænd/ (stood)

to be in a vertical state or to put into a vertical state, especially (of a person or animal) by straightening the legs

Granny says if she stands (up) for a long time her ankles hurt. 奶奶说她站久了脚踝会疼。
As a sign of politeness you should stand (up) when she comes in. 她进来时你应该站起来以示礼貌
Stand still and be quiet! 站好了,不要出声!
After the earthquake not a single building was left standing in the village. 地震之后,村子里所有的房子都倒了。
Stand the bottles on the table over there. 把瓶子放在那边的桌子上。

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