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uk /streŋθ/ us /streŋθ/

strength noun (POWER)

B2 [ U ] the ability to do things that need a lot of physical or mental effort

She had the strength and stamina to take the lead and win the gold medal. 她有领先并夺金的体力和耐力。
Admitting you've made a mistake is a sign of strength, not weakness. 承认自己犯了错误显示出的是坚强,而不是软弱。
He showed great strength of character when he refused to accept the bribes. 他拒绝接受贿赂,表现出巨大的人格力量。
We will struggle on, drawing our strength from the courage of others. 我们应该从其他人的勇气中汲取力量,继续奋斗。
Much of the country's military strength lies in its missile force. 这个国家的军事实力主要体现在导弹部队上。

C2 [ C usually singular ] the degree to which something is strong or powerful

If the two parties joined forces, their combined strength would be 127 seats.
You can gauge (= measure) the strength of a democracy by the way it treats its minorities. 你可以根据一个国家对待少数民族的方式估量其民主程度。

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strength noun (GOOD FEATURE)

C1 [ C ] a good characteristic

She's well aware of her strengths and weaknesses as an artist. 她非常清楚自己作为一个艺术家的优点和不足。
His greatest strengths are his determination and resilience. 他最大的长处是他的决断力和适应力。

strength noun (NUMBER)

[ U ] the number of people in a group

What's the current strength of the city's police force? 剑桥郡目前的警力有多少人?
in strength

in large numbers

Demonstrators arrived in strength to protest against the military action. 大批的示威者赶来,抗议关闭工厂。
below strength UK

If a group is below strength, it consists of fewer people or members than usual.

The office will be below strength in August when a lot of people will be away. 8月份许多人不在,办公室就会人手不足。
at full strength

with the complete number of people who are usually in a group

Staff cuts have meant that we haven't been working at full strength for a year. 裁员意味着我们已经在人手不足的情况下工作了1年了。

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