Translation of "stretch" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


noun [ C usually singular ] (PART) 一段 uk us /stretʃ/

a continuous area of land or water

This particular stretch of coast is especially popular with walkers. 在这一段海岸散步的人特别多。
Traffic is at a standstill along a five-mile stretch of the M11 just south of Cambridge. 剑桥南面11号高速公路有5英里的路段交通陷入瘫痪。
Some very rare birds inhabit our stretch of the river. 一些非常珍稀的鸟类栖息在我们这个河段。

a stage in a race, or a part of a racetrack

She looked certain to win as she entered the final stretch. 她进入最后一段跑道时似乎已经赢定了。
He fell as he galloped down the home stretch (= towards the finish). 他在冲向终点时跌倒了。

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