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uk /straɪd/ us /straɪd/

stride noun (DEVELOPMENT)

[ C ] an important positive development

The West made impressive strides in improving energy efficiency after the huge rises in oil prices during the 70s. 20世纪70年代石油价格大幅上涨之后,西方国家在提高能源使用效率方面取得了显着进步。
The group has made strides to expand internationally. 这个集团在拓展国际市场方面取得了很大进展。

stride noun (STEP)

[ C ] a long step when walking or running

She attributes her record-breaking speed to the length of her stride. 她认为她的速度之所以能打破纪录是因为步幅大。

stride noun (CLOTHES)

strides [ plural ] Australian English informal


a new pair of strides 一条新裤子

strideverb [ I usually + adv/prep ]

uk /straɪd/ us /straɪd/ strode, stridden

to walk somewhere quickly with long steps

She strode purposefully up to the desk and demanded to speak to the manager. 她果断地大步走到桌前,要求和经理说话。
He strode across/into/out of the room. 他大步走过/进/出房间。

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