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uk /ˈsʌd.ə us /ˈsʌd.ə

B1 quickly and unexpectedly

"Do you remember much about the accident?" "No, it all happened so suddenly." “你还记得事故是怎么回事吗?”“不记得了,事情发生得太突然了。”
I was just dozing off when suddenly I heard a scream from outside. 我正昏昏欲睡的时候,突然间听到外面一声尖叫。
I suddenly realized what I'd said, but it was too late. 我突然意识到秃自己说什么,不过为时已晚。

More examples

  • The door suddenly flew open.
  • Rosie suddenly grasped my hand.
  • I was woken up suddenly by the sound of someone hammering on the front door.
  • He suddenly appeared in the doorway.
  • I suddenly became aware of him looking at me.

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