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uk /teɪst/ us /teɪst/

taste noun (FLAVOUR)

B1 [ C or U ] the flavour of something, or the ability of a person or animal to recognize different flavours

I love the taste of garlic. 我喜欢蒜味。
Olives are usually an acquired taste (= you only like them after you have become familiar with their taste). 橄榄的味道可能要慢慢习惯后才会喜欢。
When you have a cold you often lose your sense of taste.
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[ S ] a small amount of food

Have a taste of the sauce and tell me if it needs salt. 尝尝酱汁,看看是否需要加盐。

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taste noun (JUDGMENT)

B2 [ C or U ] a person's approval of and liking for particular things

I'm not really into new cars - old vintage cars are more to my taste (= what I like). 我一向不怎么喜欢豪华的新款车——倒是更喜欢老式汽车。

B2 [ U ] approving a person's ability to judge and recognize what is good or suitable, especially relating to such matters as art, style, beauty, and behaviour

He has terrible taste so you can probably imagine what his house looks like. 他的品位极差,你大概可以想象出他家是什么样子。
His taste in clothes leaves a little to be desired. 他的着装品位实在不怎么样。
tastes B2 [ plural ]

the things a person likes

I have expensive tastes (= I like expensive things). 我看来是喜欢奢华的东西。

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taste noun (EXPERIENCE)

B2 [ S ] a short experience of something

I had a taste of office work during the summer and that was enough. 那年夏天我体验了一下在办公室工作的滋味,可真够我受的。

tasteverb [ T ]

uk /teɪst/ us /teɪst/

taste verb [ T ] (FOOD/DRINK)

B1 to put food or drink in your mouth to find out what flavour it has

Taste this sauce and tell me if it needs seasoning. 尝尝酱汁,看看要不要加佐料。
What is this? I've never tasted anything like it. 这究竟是什么东西?我从没吃过这种东西。
taste good, bad, sweet, etc.

B1 to have a particular flavour

This sauce tastes strange. 这种酱汁味道很怪。
This coffee tastes like dishwater! 这咖啡的味道简直像洗碗水!
UK The bread tastes of onions. 这面包有股洋葱味。

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  • Taste the stew to see if it has enough salt.
  • How do you know you don't like it if you won't even taste it?
  • We all tasted the cake.
  • If you've ever tasted Carmen's cooking, you'll know what I mean.
  • She drew off a little of her home-made wine just to taste.

taste verb [ T ] (EXPERIENCE)

to experience something for a short time

Once you've tasted luxury it's very hard to settle for anything else. 你一旦体验过奢侈的滋味,就很难将就了。

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