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uk /tɜːm/ us /tɝːm/

term noun (TIME)

[ C ] the fixed period of time that something lasts for

He served a short term for drunk driving. 他因酒后开车被监禁。
He was sentenced to a 150-year prison term for cheating thousands of ordinary people out of their savings.
The government's term of office (= the period in which they have power) expires at the end of the year. 这届政府的任期年底届满。

A2 [ C ] one of the periods into which a year is divided at school, college, or university

In Britain, the spring term starts in January and ends just before Easter. 在英国,春季学期从元月份开始,到复活节前夕结束。
US Our college has three terms that we call trimesters.
UK We're very busy in term-time (= during the term). 学期里我们很忙。

[ C ] formal the period of time that a legal agreement lasts for

The lease on our house is near the end of its term. 我们房子的租赁期快满了。

[ U ] specialized biology the end of a pregnancy when a baby is expected to be born

Her last pregnancy went to term (= the baby was born after the expected number of weeks). 她上次怀孕是足月生的。
a full-term pregnancy 足月妊娠
in the long/medium/short term

B2 for a long, medium, or short period of time in the future

This decision will cost us more in the short term, but will be beneficial in the long term. 作出这一决定短期来说我们的代价会较大,但从长期看是有益处的。

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term noun (DESCRIPTION)

B2 [ C ] a word or expression used in relation to a particular subject, often to describe something official or technical

"Without let or hindrance" is a legal term that means "freely". “毫无阻碍地”是法律用语,意思为“自由地”。
term of abuse

an unkind or unpleasant name to call someone

term of endearment

a kind or friendly name to call someone

in terms of/in ... terms

B2 used to describe which particular area of a subject you are discussing

In financial terms, the project was not a success. 从经济方面来说,这个项目并不成功。
In terms of money, I was better off in my last job. 就挣钱而言,我上一份工作挣得更多。
in no uncertain terms

C2 in a very clear way

She told him what she thought of his behaviour in no uncertain terms (= she made her disapproval very clear). 她直截了当地告诉了他自己对他的行为有何看法。
in strong, etc. terms

using language that clearly shows your feelings

He complained in the strongest terms. 他以极其强烈的措词表达了自己的不满。
She spoke of his achievements in glowing terms (= in a very approving way). 谈到他的成就她赞不绝口。

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term noun (RULES)

terms B2 [ plural ]

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the conditions that control an agreement, arrangement, or activity

terms of employment 雇佣条款
Under the terms of their contract, employees must give three months' notice if they leave. 根据合同条款,雇员离职必须提前3个月通知公司。
on easy terms

UK If you buy something on easy terms, you pay for it over a period of time.

on equal terms also on the same terms

having the same rights, treatment, etc.

All companies will compete for the government contract on equal terms. 英国公司和海外公司将平等竞争政府的合同。
terms of reference formal

the matters to which a study or report is limited


termverb [ T ]

uk /tɜːm/ us /tɝːm/

to give something a name or to describe it with a particular expression

Technically, a horse that is smaller than 1.5 metres at the shoulder is termed a pony. 严格地说,肩高低于1.5米的马称为矮种马。


uk / -tɜːm/ us / -tɝːm/

lasting a long/medium/short time

The project will have long-term benefits. 这个项目将带来长期的好处。

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