Translation of "traffic" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


noun [ U ] (VEHICLES) 车辆 uk us /ˈtræf.ɪk/

the amount of vehicles moving along roads, or the amount of aircraft, trains or ships moving along a route

There was heavy/a lot of traffic on the roads this morning. 今天早晨道路上车流量很大。
We got stuck in traffic for several hours. 我们碰上交通阻塞被堵了好几个小时。
New measures have been introduced to try and ease traffic congestion in the city. 这个城市已经采取了新措施试图缓解交通拥堵。
Five people were injured in a traffic accident (= one involving vehicles). 有5人在交通事故中受伤。
Air traffic has increased 30% in the last decade. 在过去的10年里,空中交通量增加了30%。

people or goods transported by road, air, train or ship, as a business

The airline halved its overseas service because of a sharp reduction in traffic. 该航空公司因运输量骤降而削减了一半的海外业务。
Environmental groups want more passenger and freight traffic moved off the roads and onto trains. 环保团体想要把更多的客运和货运业务从公路转移到铁路上。

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