Translation of "wing" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


noun [ C ] (FOR FLYING) 用于飞行的结构 uk us /wɪŋ/

the flat part of the body which a bird, insect or bat uses for flying, or one of the flat horizontal structures that stick out from the side of an aircraft and support it when it is flying

the delicacy of a butterfly's wings 蝴蝶翅膀的精致
I don't like chicken wings - there's not much meat on them. 我不喜欢吃鸡翅——上面没有多少肉。
I could see the plane's wing out of my window. 我透过身边的窗户能看到飞机的机翼。
take wing literary

If a bird takes wing, it flies away.


to suddenly develop, freely and powerfully

She walked in the hills, letting her thoughts take wing. 她走在山坡上,任思绪自由飞扬。
on the wing literary

A bird that is on the wing is flying.


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