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uk /əˈlaʊ.əns/ us /əˈlaʊ.əns/

allowance noun (AMOUNT GIVEN)

C1 [ C ] money that you are given regularly, especially to pay for a particular thing

The perks of the job include a company pension and a generous travel allowance. 這份工作的特殊待遇包括公司退休金計劃和豐厚的差旅補助。
I couldn't have managed at college if I hadn't had an allowance from my parents. 要不是父母定期給我生活費,我沒法讀完大學。

[ C ] an amount of something that you are allowed

The baggage/luggage allowance for most flights is 20 kilos. 大多數班機允許乘客攜帶的行李重量限額是20公斤。

[ C ] mainly US UK usually pocket money an amount of money that parents regularly give to their child to spend as they choose


More examples

allowance noun (PREPARATION)

make allowance for

to prepare for the possibility of

We should make allowance for bad weather and have plenty of umbrellas available. 我們應該考慮到有可能會遇上惡劣天氣,所以應該備足雨傘。

allowance noun (ACCEPTING)

make allowances for

C2 To make allowances for someone is to think about their characteristics and not judge them too severely.

You should make allowances for him - he's been quite ill recently. 你應該體諒他——他最近一直病得不輕。
"This is a poor piece of work." "Yes, but you should make allowances for the fact that she's only seven." 「這件作品很拙劣。」「不錯,但是你不應該忘了,她才只有七歲啊。」

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