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uk /əˈnæt.ə.mi/ us /əˈnæt̬.ə.mi/

[ U ] the scientific study of the body and how its parts are arranged

An understanding of human anatomy is important to a dancer. 對於一個舞蹈演員來說,通曉一些人體解剖學知識非常重要。
He later became professor of anatomy at Kiel. 後來他成為基爾大學的解剖學教授。

[ C or U ] the structure of an animal or plant

the female anatomy 女性人體解剖構造
the anatomy of a leaf 葉子的結構

[ C ] humorous a person's body

On which part of her anatomy is she tattooed? 她的紋身刺在甚麼部位?

[ C ] formal a detailed examination of a subject

The whole play reads like an anatomy of evil. 整個劇本讀起來就如同是一份對邪惡的剖析報告。

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