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uk /bɔːld/ us /bɑːld/

bald adjective (NO HAIR)

B1 with little or no hair on the head

At 20 he was already going bald. 他20歲就開始禿頭了。
as bald as a coot UK informal US as bald as a cue ball

completely bald

When he took off his hat, we saw that he was as bald as a coot! 他脫帽後,我們發現他的頭全禿了!

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bald adjective (PLAIN)

basic and with no unnecessary words or detail

There was just this bald statement of resignation - no explanation or anything. 只有簡單的辭職聲明——沒有解釋之類的東西。

bald adjective (SMOOTH)

a bald tyre is one that has worn away to become very smooth and is therefore dangerous

The tyre was completely bald.

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