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uk /bɒnd/ us /bɑːnd/

bond noun (CONNECTION)

B2 [ C ] a close connection joining two or more people

the bond(s) of friendship/love 友誼/戀愛關係
There has been a close bond between them ever since she saved him from drowning. 他溺水被她救了以後他們之間一直來往密切。
In societies with strong family bonds (= relationships), people tend to live longer. 在家庭關係牢固的社會中,人們的壽命往往更長。


[ C ] an official paper given by the government or a company to show that you have lent them money that they will pay back to you at a particular interest rate

I invested some money in savings bonds. 我在儲蓄債券上投了一些錢。

bond noun (PROMISE)

[ C ] a written agreement or promise

They have entered into a solemn bond. 他們已經締結了一項正式契約。

[ C ] US specialized law an amount of money that is paid to formally promise that someone accused of a crime and being kept in prison will appear for trial if released

The judge ordered that he post a $10,000 bond pending his appeal of the verdict. 法官判令他在判決上訴期繳納一萬美元的保釋金。

bond noun (JOIN)

[ C usually singular ] a place where single parts of something are joined together, especially with glue, or the type of join made

When the glue has set, the bond formed is watertight. 膠水凝固之後,黏合處是防水的。
a strong/weak/permanent bond 強力黏合/輕微黏合/永久黏合

bond noun (ROPES)

bonds [ plural ] literary

the ropes or chains that hold prisoners and prevent them moving around or escaping

Loose his bonds and set him free. 鬆開他的鐐銬放了他吧。

bondverb [ I or T ]

uk /bɒnd/ us /bɑːnd/

bond verb [ I or T ] (JOIN)

to stick materials together, especially using glue, or to be stuck together like this

This new adhesive can bond metal to glass. 這種新的黏合劑可將金屬和玻璃粘在一起。

bond verb [ I or T ] (MAKE CONNECTION)

C2 to develop a close connection or strong relationship with someone, or to make someone do this

The aim was to bond the group into a closely knit team. 其目的在於使整個團體緊密團結在一起。
The hospital gives mothers no quiet private time in which to bond with their babies. 醫院沒有給媽媽們提供安靜的私人時間來與自己的寶寶親近。

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