Translation of "boy" - English-Traditional Chinese dictionary


noun [ C ] uk us /bɔɪ/

a male child or, more generally, a male of any age

a teenage/adolescent boy 十幾歲的男孩
As a young boy, my father used to walk three miles to school. 我爸爸小時候常常要走三英里路去上學。
You've been a very naughty boy! 你真是個調皮的男孩!
Their little boy (= Their young son) is very sick. 他們的小兒子病得很重。
All right, boys and girls, quiet down! 好了,孩子們,安靜下來!
the boys [ plural ]

a group of male friends

He used to like spending Friday nights with the boys. 他以前週五晚上喜歡與哥們兒在一起。

(also our boys) an approving way of speaking about your country's soldiers

We must not forget our boys serving far from home. 我們不應該忘記那些遠離家鄉在外服役的子弟兵們。
one of the boys

a typical male

He plays football, drinks a lot of beer and generally acts like one of the boys. 他踢足球,喝啤酒,總的來説是典型的男人作為。

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