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uk /tʃɔɪs/ us /tʃɔɪs/

choice noun (ACT)

B1 [ C or U ] an act or the possibility of choosing

If the product doesn't work, you are given the choice of a refund or a replacement. 如果產品不能使用,可選擇退款或換貨。
It's a difficult choice to make. 這很難抉擇。
It's your choice/The choice is yours (= only you can decide). 這由你決定。
It was a choice between pain now or pain later, so I chose pain later. 這是在現在痛苦還是以後痛苦之間作出選擇,所以我選擇以後痛苦。
Now you know all the facts, you can make an informed choice. 既然你已經瞭解了實際情況,你可以作出相應的選擇了。
I'd prefer not to work but I don't have much choice (= this is not possible). 我倒是想不去工作了,可是我沒有選擇餘地。
He had no choice but to accept (= he had to accept). 他別無選擇只能接受。
Is she single by choice? 獨身是她自己的選擇嗎?
Champagne is their drink of choice (= the one they most often drink). 香檳是他們的首選飲料。

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choice noun (VARIETY)

B1 [ S or U ] the range of different things from which you can choose

There wasn't much choice on the menu. 菜單上供選擇的菜式不多。
The evening menu offers a wide choice of dishes. 晚餐菜單上可供選擇的菜式很多。
The dress is available in a choice of colours. 這裙子有好幾種顏色可供挑選。

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choice noun (PERSON/THING)

B1 [ C ] a person or thing that has been chosen or that can be chosen

Harvard was not his first choice. 哈佛並不是他的首選。
He wouldn't be my choice as a friend. 我不會選他作朋友。
This type of day care may in fact be the best choice for your child. 這種托兒所對於你的孩子來說也許是最佳的選擇。

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uk /tʃɔɪs/ us /tʃɔɪs/

of high quality

I had the the most expensive dish on the menu - a choice fillet of fish. 我點了菜單上最貴的菜——精選魚柳。

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