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cowboynoun [ C ]

uk /ˈkaʊ.bɔɪ/ us /ˈkaʊ.bɔɪ/

cowboy noun [ C ] (FARM WORKER)

also cowhand, uk /-hænd/ us a person, especially in the western US, whose job is to take care of cattle, and who usually rides a horse, or a similar character in a film

The ranch employed ten or twelve cowboys. 牧場僱了十一二個牛仔。
He was wearing cowboy boots and a cowboy hat. 他腳蹬牛仔靴,頭戴牛仔帽。
I don't much like cowboy films/movies. 我不大喜歡看牛仔片。

cowboy noun [ C ] (DISHONEST PERSON)

UK informal someone who is not honest, careful, or skilful in their trade or business, or someone who ignores rules that most people obey and is therefore not considered to be responsible

Those builders are a bunch of cowboys - they made a terrible job of our extension. 那些建築商是一幫不負責任的奸商——他們把我們的擴建工程弄得一團糟。

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