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uk /daɪˈrek.ʃən/ /dɪˈrek.ʃən/ us /daɪˈrek.ʃən/ /dɪˈrek.ʃən/

direction noun (POSITION)

B1 [ C ] the position towards which someone or something moves or faces

"No, go that way," I said, pointing in the opposite direction. 「不對,往那邊走,」我一邊說一邊指著相反的方向。
He was going in the direction of the bedroom. 他正朝著臥室走去。
They drove away in opposite directions. 他們朝相反的方向駛去。
directions A2 [ plural ]

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instructions that you give to someone about how to find a particular place

Can you give me directions to your house? 你能告訴我去你家怎麼走嗎?
"Did you have any trouble finding the theatre?" "No, your directions were excellent." 「那個戲院好找嗎?」「好找,你告訴我的路線非常清楚。」
sb's direction

B2 the area or position that someone is in

She keeps looking in my direction. 她一直朝我這邊看。
sense of direction

B2 the ability to find places or to know which direction to go

a good sense of direction 很強的方向感
Which way is it? - I have no/a lousy sense of direction! 該走哪條路?——我沒有一點方向感/我的方向感極差!

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direction noun (CONTROL)

C1 [ U ] control or instruction

The project was under the direction of a well-known academic. 這項工程是在一位著名學者的指導下進行的。
directions C1 [ plural ]

information or orders telling you what to do

I couldn't understand the directions on the packet. 我看不懂包裝盒上的說明。
He will be giving/issuing directions to judges on sentencing in the next few days. 過幾天他要向法官發布審理說明。


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