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eastnoun [ U ]

also East uk /iːst/ us /iːst/ written abbreviation E

A2 the direction from which the sun rises in the morning, opposite to the west, or the part of an area or country that is in this direction

The points of the compass are north, south, east, and west. 指南針上的四個方位點是北、南、東和西。
Which way is east? 哪邊是東啊?
Most of the country, except the east, is rural. 除了東部外,這個國家大部分地區都是農村。
Her home is in the east of France. 她的家在法國東部。
According to the map, the village lies about ten kilometres to the east of here. 從地圖上看,這個村子位於距此以東約十公里的地方。
the East

B2 Asia, especially its eastern and southern parts

She spent her childhood in the East - mostly in China. 她在東方國家——主要是中國和日本——渡過了童年。

those countries in Europe that had communist governments before the 1990s

The collapse of Communism changed East-West relations for ever. 共産主義在東歐的瓦解永久性地改變了東方集團與西方集團之間的關係。

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also East uk /iːst/ us /iːst/ written abbreviation E

A2 in or forming the east part of something

Cambridge is in East Anglia. 劍橋位於東英格蘭。
The east wall of the mosque is covered with a beautiful mosaic. 清真寺的整面東牆上是一幅漂亮的鑲嵌畫。
east wind

a wind coming from the east


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also East uk /iːst/ us /iːst/ written abbreviation E

A2 towards the east

We'll drive east for a few more miles, then turn south. 我們再向東開幾公里,然後轉彎向南。
They were the first people to travel east of the mountains (= into the area beyond and to the east of the mountains). 他們是第一批到此山脈以東地區旅遊的遊客。
We walked due (= directly) east for two kilometres. 我們向正東方向走了兩公里。
The garden faces east, so we'll get the morning sun. 花園朝東,所以上午我們可以享受到陽光。

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