Translation of "essence" - English-Traditional Chinese dictionary


noun (IMPORTANCE) 重要性 uk us /ˈes.ənts/

[ S or U ] the basic or most important idea or quality of something

The essence of his argument was that education should continue throughout life. 他的觀點的要旨是教育應該持續終生。
Yet change is the very essence of life. 然而變遷正是人生的本質。
in essence formal

relating to the most important characteristics or ideas of something

In essence, both sides agree on the issue. 從本質上說,雙方在這個問題上的意見是一致的。
be of the essence formal

to be the most important thing

In any of these discussions, of course, honesty is of the essence. 當然,在探討任何問題時都必須坦誠。
Time is of the essence. 時間至關重要。

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