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uk /faɪn/ us /faɪn/

fine adjective (SATISFACTORY)

A1 [ after verb ] good or good enough; healthy and well

I felt terrible last night but I feel fine this morning. 我昨晚感覺很不舒服,但今天早上就好了。
The apartments are very small, which is fine for one person. 這些公寓很小,一個人住正合適。
"Are you all right?" "Everything's just fine, thanks." 「你沒事吧?」「我沒甚麼事,謝謝。」
"I'll come to your place at eight." "Fine. See you then." 「我八點到你家來。」「好的,到時見。」

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fine adjective (EXCELLENT)

B2 excellent or much better than average

purveyors of fine wines and gourmet food 美酒佳餚的供應商
The world's finest collection of Impressionist paintings is housed in the Musée d'Orsay in Paris. 巴黎奧塞美術館擁有世界上最棒的印象派畫作館藏。
This building is the finest example of its type. 這棟建築是同類建築中最傑出的代表。

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fine adjective (THIN)

C2 very thin or in very small pieces or drops

The baby's head was covered in fine blond hair. 嬰兒的頭上長滿金色細髮。
The eruption had covered the town with a fine layer of ash. 火山爆發使整個鎮蓋上了一層細細的火山灰。
Apply a fine line of highlighter along the middle of your top lip. 用唇線筆沿著上唇的中線細細地畫上一道。
She has inherited her mother's fine (= delicate and beautiful) features. 這副清秀的面容是母親遺傳給她的。

fine adjective (EXACT)

C1 [ usually before noun ] very exact and delicate, or needing to be done, treated, or considered very carefully

I understood in general what she was talking about, but some of the finer details/points were beyond me. 我大致上理解她在說些甚麼,但是有一些具體的細節/問題沒有弄明白。

fine adjective (SUNNY)

B1 mainly UK sunny and dry

The forecast said it would be fine and dry today. 氣象預報說今天天氣晴朗乾燥。

fine adjective (BAD)

informal bad or not convenient

That's a fine (= very unpleasant) thing to say about your father after all he's done for you! 你的父親為你做了這一切之後,你居然說出這種混帳話來!
He picked a fine time to leave us. 在那個時候扔下我們走了,他可真會挑時間。

finenoun [ C ]

uk /faɪn/ us /faɪn/

B1 an amount of money that has to be paid as a punishment for not obeying a rule or law

The maximum penalty for the offence is a $1,000 fine. 違者最高可遭判罰1000美元。
If found guilty, he faces six months in jail and a heavy (= severe) fine. 如果被判有罪,等待他的將是六個月的監禁和巨額罰款。

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fineverb [ T ]

uk /faɪn/ us /faɪn/

B2 to charge someone an amount of money as a punishment for not obeying a rule or law

Drivers who exceed the speed limit can expect to be fined heavily. 超速駕車的司機將須繳付巨額罰款。
[ + two objects ] They fined him £100 for using threatening behaviour. 他因威脅恐嚇行為而被罰100美元。

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uk /faɪn/ us /faɪn/

B2 in a satisfactory way

"Will a loan of $500 be sufficient?" "That will suit me fine." 「借你500美元夠嗎?」「足夠了。」
It was working fine yesterday. 它昨天還好好的。

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