Translation of "force" - English-Traditional Chinese dictionary


noun (PHYSICAL POWER) 力量 uk us /fɔːs/ US  /fɔːrs/

[ U ] physical, especially violent, strength or power

The force of the wind had brought down a great many trees in the area. 強風刮倒了這一地區的許多樹木。
She slapped his face with unexpected force. 她打了他一耳光,出乎意料地用力。
Teachers aren't allowed to use force in controlling their pupils. 老師管教學生時禁止使用體罰。
The police were able to control the crowd by sheer force of numbers (= because there were more police than there were people in the crowd). 警方完全依靠人數上的優勢才控制住了人群。
in force

in large numbers

Photographers were out in force at the palace today 許多攝影師今天出現在皇宮。

[ C or U ] specialized in scientific use, (a measure of) the influence which changes movement

the force of gravity 重力
combine/join forces

to work with someone else in order to achieve something which you both want


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