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uk /ˈ us /ˈ

A2 behaving in a pleasant, kind way towards someone

a friendly face/smile 友好的面容/微笑
Our neighbours have always been very friendlyto/towards us. 我們的鄰居們一直對我們很友好。
I'm on friendly terms with my daughter's teacher. 我和我女兒的老師關係處得很不錯。
Are you friendly with (= a friend of) Graham? 你跟格雷厄姆是朋友嗎?

A friendly place is pleasant and makes you feel happy and comfortable.

It's a friendly little restaurant. 那是一家讓人感覺很舒適的小餐館。

A friendly game or argument is one that you play or have for pleasure and in order to practise your skills, rather than playing or arguing seriously with the aim of winning

We were having a friendly argument about politics. 我們就關注環保的政治主張進行了一番友好的辯論。
The teams are playing a friendly match on Sunday. 兩隊將在周日進行一場友誼賽。

Friendly countries and friendly soldiers are ones who are not your enemies and who are working or fighting with you.


More examples

friendlynoun [ C ]

uk /ˈ us /ˈ UK

a game that is played for enjoyment and in order to practise, not with the aim of winning points as part of a serious competition

The rugby club has a friendly next week against the Giants. 該橄欖球俱樂部下星期要和巨人隊打一場友誼賽。


uk / us /

used at the end of words to mean "not harmful"

ozone-friendly aerosols 不會破壞臭氧層的氣霧劑
dolphin-friendly tuna (= fish caught without harming dolphins) . 不傷害海豚而捕到的鮪魚

used at the end of words to mean "suitable for particular people to use"

a family-friendly restaurant 適合家庭聚餐的餐館

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