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uk /ˈɡlɔː.ri.əs/ us /ˈɡlɔːr.i.əs/

glorious adjective (DESERVING ADMIRATION)

deserving great admiration, praise, and honour

a glorious victory 輝煌的勝利
a memorial to the glorious dead of two world wars 為緬懷在兩次世界大戰中光榮獻身的人而修建的紀念碑

glorious adjective (BEAUTIFUL/NICE)

very beautiful

The beetroot had turned the soup a glorious pink. 甜菜使湯呈現出極為誘人奪目的粉紅色。
Your roses are glorious! 你的玫瑰太漂亮了!

Glorious weather is very pleasant, and especially hot and sunny.

They had glorious weather for their wedding. 他們舉行婚禮的那天天氣好極了。
It was a glorious winter day - crisp and clear. 那是一個令人心曠神怡的冬日——空氣清新,陽光明媚。

very enjoyable or giving great pleasure

This wine is absolutely glorious. 這酒真是至醇至美。
We had a glorious time in the south of France last summer. 去年夏天,我們在法國南部渡過了一段非常愉快的日子。

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