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uk /hænd/ us /hænd/

hand noun (BODY PART)

A1 [ C ] the part of the body at the end of the arm that is used for holding, moving, touching, and feeling things

All their toys are made by hand. 他們所有的玩具都是手工製作的。
I delivered her invitation by hand (= not using the postal service). 我親自把她的請帖送去。
informal Get your hands off (= stop touching) my bike! 別碰我的腳踏車!
He can fix anything - he's so good with his hands. 他甚麽都會修——他的手可真巧。
You have to hold my hand when we cross the road. 我們過馬路的時候你要拉著我的手。
They walked by, holding hands. 他們手挽著手從這裡經過。
Hold your fork in your left hand and your knife in your right hand. 左手拿叉,右手拿刀。
She sat, pen in hand (= with a pen in her hand), searching for the right words. 她手拿鋼筆坐在那裡,在腦海中搜尋合適的詞。
They can't keep their hands off each other - they never stop kissing and cuddling. 他們的手就是離不開對方——他們不停地接吻擁抱。
"Congratulations!" she said and shook me by the hand/shook my hand/shook hands with me. 「恭喜你!」她握著我的手說道。
She took me by the hand and led me into the cave. 她拉著我的手,把我帶進了洞裡。
a hand towel 手巾

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hand noun (CLOCK/WATCH)

[ C ] one of the long, thin pieces that point to the numbers on a clock or watch

Does anyone have a watch with a second hand? 誰戴的錶有秒針?

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hand noun (CARDS)

[ C ] a (single part of a) game of cards, or the set of cards that a player has in a game

Who wants to play a hand of poker? 誰想玩一局撲克牌?
You dealt me an appalling hand in that game. 你發了那麽一手壞牌給我。

hand noun (HELP)

B1 [ S ] help with doing something that needs a lot of effort

[ + -ing verb ] Would you like a hand carrying those bags? 需要幫忙搬這些提包嗎?
Could you give/lend me a hand with (= help me to move) the table, please? 你能幫我搬一下這張桌子嗎?
I think Matthew might need a hand with his maths homework. 我看馬修可能需要人幫他做數學功課。
I could really use a hand with these accounts if you could spare a moment. 如果你有空,我還真需要人幫忙清點這些賬目。

hand noun (PERSON)

[ C ] a person who does physical work or is skilled or experienced in something

How many extra hands will we need to help with the harvest? 我們還需要多少人來幫忙收割?
I joined the firm as a factory hand and gradually worked my way up to the top. 我剛進公司的時候本來是個工人,透過努力逐漸升到了高層。
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[ C ] a sailor

All hands on deck! 全體水手到甲板集合!

hand noun (INVOLVEMENT)

[ S ] involvement in or influence over an event

It is not thought that terrorists had a hand in the explosion. 人們並不認爲恐怖分子與此次爆炸有關。

hand noun (CLAP)

[ S ] clapping for a performer

So please give a big hand to (= welcome with clapping) your host for the evening, Bill Cronshaw! 請熱烈鼓掌歡迎今晚的主持比爾‧克朗修!

hand noun (WRITING)

[ S ] old use a person's writing

an uneven hand 潦草的筆跡

hand noun (MEASUREMENT)

[ C ] a unit for measuring the height of a horse up to its shoulder

One hand equals four inches (= 10.16 centimetres). 一手之寬相當於四吋。

handverb [ T ]

uk /hænd/ us /hænd/

B1 to put something into someone's hand from your own hand

[ + two objects ] The waiter smiled politely as he handed me my bill/handed my bill to me. 侍者彬彬有禮地微笑著遞給我帳單。
Please read this memo carefully and hand it on (to your colleagues). 請仔細閱讀這則備忘錄並(交給你的同事們)傳閱。

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