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uk /haɪ/ us /haɪ/

high adjective (DISTANCE)

A2 (especially of things that are not living) being a large distance from top to bottom or a long way above the ground, or having the stated distance from top to bottom

a high building/mountain 高樓/高山
high ceilings 高高的天花板
It's two and a half metres high and one metre wide. 它有兩公尺半高,一公尺寬。
The corn grew waist-high (= as high as a person's waist) in the fields. 田裡的玉米長到了及腰的高度。

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high adjective (ABOVE AVERAGE)

B1 greater than the usual level or amount

The job demands a high level of concentration. 這項工作需要高度集中精神
He suffers from high blood pressure. 他患有高血壓。
Antique furniture fetches very high prices these days. 這段時間古董傢俱的價位很高。
She got very high marks in her geography exam. 她的地理考試分數很高。
It's very dangerous to drive at high speed when the roads are wet. 在潮濕的路面上高速駕駛是很危險的。
He's in a high-security prison. 他被關在一處戒備森嚴的監獄中。
high standards/principles

B1 very good or very moral standards

She was a woman of high principles. 她是一位道德高尚的女士。
She demands very high standards from the people who work for her. 她對底下工作的人要求很高。
high winds

fast, strong wind

High winds caused delays on the ferries. 大風導致渡輪延誤。

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high adjective (IMPORTANT)

B2 having power, an important position, or great influence

an officer of high rank 高級軍官

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high adjective (SOUND)

near or at the top of the range of sounds

I can't reach the high notes. 這些高音我唱不上去。

high adjective (BAD)

UK (of food) smelling bad and no longer good to eat

This meat is rather high - I'm going to throw it out. 這塊肉已經腐壞了——我要不要把它丟掉?

high adjective (MENTAL STATE)

C2 not thinking or behaving normally because of taking drugs

He was high on heroin at the time. 他當時正因吸了海洛因而飄飄欲仙。


uk /haɪ/ us /haɪ/

high noun (ABOVE AVERAGE)

[ C ] a higher level than has ever been reached previously

Interest rates have reached an all-time/record high. 利率達到了歷史最高點/創紀錄的高水準。

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high noun (MENTAL STATE)

[ C usually singular ] a period of extreme excitement or happiness when you feel full of energy, often caused by a feeling of success, or by drugs or alcohol or a religious experience

Exercise gives you a high. 運動使人興奮。
She's been on a high ever since she got her article published in the Times. 自從她的文章發表以來,她情緒一直非常高漲。
There are lots of highs and lows in this job. 這份工作中有很多快樂,也有許多沮喪。

high noun (EDUCATION)

[ S ] US informal for high school (when used in the name of a school)

I go to Santa Ana High. 我唸聖安娜高中。


uk /haɪ/ us /haɪ/

B1 at or to a large distance from the ground

You'll have to hit the ball quite high to get it over that net. 你必須把球打得相當高,這樣它才能越過那網。
The new jet flew much higher than most planes. 協和式噴射機飛得比大多數飛機都高很多。

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