Translation of "hold" - English-Traditional Chinese dictionary


verb (SUPPORT) 支撐 uk us /həʊld/ US  /hoʊld/ (held)

[ T ] to take and keep something in your hand or arms

Can you hold the bag while I open the door? 我開門時,你能幫我拿一下提包嗎?
He was holding a gun. 他當時正拿著一把槍。
The little girl held her mother's hand. 這個小女孩抓著媽媽的手。
He held her in his arms. 他把她抱在懷裡。
[ + obj + adj ] Could you hold the door open, please? 你能扶住門讓它一直開著嗎?
Rosie held out an apple for the horse. 羅西拿著一個蘋果伸向那匹馬。
All those who agree please hold up their hand (= raise their arm). 同意的請舉手。

[ T ] to support something

Will the rope be strong enough to hold my weight? 這根繩子承受得住我的重量嗎?
Each wheel is held on with four bolts. 每個輪胎都由四顆螺栓固定。
The parts are held together with glue. 這些部件是用膠水黏在一起的。
hold your nose

to press your nose tightly between thumb and finger in order to close it

I have to hold my nose when I jump into water. 我跳到水裡時,必須捏住鼻子。
hold hands

When two people hold hands, one person holds the other person's hand in their hand, especially to show that they love each other

They walked along holding hands. 他們手拉著手向前走。
→ See also hand in hand

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