Translation of "ideological" - English-Traditional Chinese dictionary


adjective uk /ˌaɪ.di.əˈlɒdʒ.ɪ.kəl/ us /ˌaɪ.di.əˈlɑː.dʒɪ.kəl/

based on or relating to a particular set of ideas or beliefs

ideological differences 意識形態上的差異
There are some fairly profound ideological disagreements within the movement. 該運動內部在意識形態上存在一些比較嚴重的分歧。
ideologically adverb uk /ˌaɪ.di.əˈlɒdʒ.ɪ.kəl.i/ us /ˌaɪ.di.əˈlɑː.dʒɪ.kəl.i/

The government is ideologically opposed to spending more on the arts (= this is in opposition to its political beliefs). 政府因意識形態上的原因反對在藝術方面增加開支。
Little separates the two women ideologically (= they believe in similar things). 這兩位女性很少有思想上的分歧。

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