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uk /dʒʌmp/ us /dʒʌmp/

jump verb (IN THE AIR)

A2 [ I ] to push yourself suddenly off the ground and into the air using your legs

The children were jumping up and down with excitement. 孩子都興奮地跳來跳去。
She ran across the grass and jumped into the water. 她跑過草地,跳入水中。
He had to jump out of an upstairs window to escape. 為了逃命,他不得不從樓上的窗戶跳出去。
Our cat is always jumping up on/onto the furniture. 我們的貓總是跳到傢俱上。

A2 [ I or T ] to push yourself suddenly off the ground in order to go over something

Can you jump over/across this stream? 你能躍過這條小溪嗎?
All the horses are finding it difficult to jump the last fence. 躍過最後一道圍欄對所有馬匹來說都很困難。

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B1 [ I usually + adv/prep ] to move or act suddenly or quickly

He suddenly jumped to his feet/jumped up and left. 他猛然起身然後離開了。
She jumped in/into a taxi and rushed to the station. 她跳上一輛計程車急忙趕往車站。

B2 [ I ] If a noise or action causes you to jump, your body makes a sudden sharp movement because of surprise or fear.

The loud explosion made everyone jump. 爆炸的巨響把大家都嚇了一跳。
I almost jumped out of my skin when I heard a loud crash downstairs. 聽到樓下哐的一聲巨響,我幾乎嚇得靈魂出竅。

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jump verb (INCREASE)

[ I ] to increase suddenly by a large amount

House prices have jumped dramatically. 房價大幅上漲。
The cost of building the road has jumped by 70 percent. 修築這條公路的費用暴增了70%。

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jump verb (SEQUENCE)

[ I usually + adv/prep ] If a story, film, play, etc. jumps, it moves suddenly between different parts of it.

The movie is about his adult life, but it keeps jumping (back) to when he was a child. 這部電影講述的是他成年後的生活,卻不斷跳返他的孩提時代。
His talk was hard to follow because he kept jumping from one subject to another. 要跟上他講話的思路很難,因為他不斷從一個話題跳到另一個話題。

jump verb (AVOID)

[ T ] to avoid or leave out a point or stage from the correct order in a series

You have to follow the instructions exactly, you can't just jump a few steps ahead. 你必須按照說明確實操作,不能省略前面的步驟。

jump verb (ATTACK)

[ T ] informal to attack someone suddenly

They were just walking home when a bunch of guys jumped (on) them. 他們走回家的時候,遇到一幫人突襲。

jump verb (MOVE ILLEGALLY)

[ T ] to go past or away from something illegally or wrongly

The police video showed that she had jumped the (traffic) lights. 警方的錄影顯示她闖了紅燈。
Several sailors jumped ship (= left their ship without permission) in New York. 幾名水手在紐約擅自離船。
jump bail

to fail to appear for a court trial after being released until the trial in exchange for payment

I'd never have thought Hugh would jump bail. 我真沒想到修會在保釋期間潛逃。

jump verb (BUSY)

be jumping old-fashioned informal

If a place is jumping, it is crowded and full of life.

This joint (= place of entertainment) is really jumping tonight. 這個娛樂場所今晚可真熱鬧。

jumpnoun [ C ]

uk /dʒʌmp/ us /dʒʌmp/

jump noun [ C ] (MOVEMENT)

B1 a sudden movement off the ground and into the air

He won with a jump of 8.5 metres. 他以8.5米遠的一跳贏得了比賽。
a parachute jump 跳傘
Several horses fell at the last jump (= fence or other thing to be jumped over). 好幾匹馬在最後一道障礙處跌倒了。

a sudden sharp movement because of surprise or fear

The door slammed and Rita woke up with a jump. 砰的關門聲使麗塔猛然驚醒了。

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jump noun [ C ] (INCREASE)

a sudden increase

Interest rates are now at 6.75 - that's a jump of almost 2 percent. 現在的利率為6.75厘,上升了差不多2厘。

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