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uk /lɑːdʒ/ us /lɑːrdʒ/

A2 big in size or amount

a large house 大房子
the world's largest computer manufacturer 世界上最大的電腦製造商
We need a larger car. 我們需要一輛更大的車。
We didn't expect such a large number of people to attend the concert. 我們沒想到會有這麽多人來聽音樂會。
We've made good progress, but there's still a large amount of work to be done. 我們已經取得了一些進展,但仍有大量的工作要做。
There was a larger-than-expected fall in unemployment last month. 上個月的失業人數比預計數字減少了很多。
Researchers have just completed the largest-ever survey of criminal behaviour in the UK 研究人員剛剛完成了英國歷史上最大規模的犯罪行為調查。
The population faces starvation this winter without large-scale emergency food aid. 今年冬天由於沒有大規模的緊急食物援助,人們將面臨饑荒。

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uk /lɑːdʒ/ us /lɑːrdʒ/
larging it UK informal

enjoying yourself very much by dancing and drinking alcohol

We were larging it at a club last night. 昨晚我們在俱樂部縱情玩樂了一番。

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