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launchnoun [ C ]

uk /lɔːntʃ/ us /lɑːntʃ/

launch noun [ C ] (EVENT)

C1 an event to celebrate or introduce something new

How much champagne will we need for the launch? 這次發表會我們需要多少香檳?
Illness prevented her attending the launch party for her latest novel. 她因病無法出席爲她新近推出的小說舉辦的慶祝派對。

More examples

  • The system has been plagued with glitches ever since its launch.
  • The car has enjoyed modest success since its launch, but the Mark 2 version is expected to be far more popular.
  • Our marketing people have come up with a great idea for the launch of the new model.
  • The normally publicity-shy director will be making several public appearances for the launch of the movie.
  • She wore a Dior gown for the launch.

launch noun [ C ] (LEAVE LAND)

C1 an occasion when a ship is put into water, or a spacecraft is sent into space, for the first time

The launch of the space shuttle was delayed for 24 hours because of bad weather. 因天氣情況不佳,太空船的發射延遲了24個小時。

launch noun [ C ] (BOAT)

a boat that has an engine and carries passengers for short distances, especially on a lake or a river, or from the land to a larger boat



uk /lɔːntʃ/ us /lɑːntʃ/

launch verb (BEGIN)

B2 [ I or T ] to begin something such as a plan or introduce something new such as a product

The programme was launched a year ago. 這項計劃是一年前開始實施的。
The airline will launch its new transatlantic service next month. 這家航空公司下個月將開闢一條新的跨越大西洋的航線。
A devastating attack was launched on the rebel stronghold. 向叛軍堡壘發起了猛烈的進攻。
[ + adv/prep ] UK After working for the company for several years she decided to launch out on her own and set up in business. 在該公司工作數年後,她決定在商界自立門戶。

More examples

  • There are plans afoot to launch a new radio station.
  • The Glasgow-based company is to launch a stock-market flotation this summer.
  • The company is poised to launch its new advertising campaign.
  • The government is planning to launch a benchmarking scheme to guide consumers.
  • They're about to launch a campaign to unionize workers at all major discount supermarkets in the area.

launch verb (SEND)

C1 [ T ] to send something out, such as a new ship into the water or a spacecraft into space

A spokesman for the dockyard said they hoped to launch the first submarine within two years. 船廠發言人說他們希望在兩年內讓第一艘潛艇下水。
to launch a missile 發射導彈
launch yourself mainly UK

to jump with great force

The defender launched himself at the attacking player, bringing him to the ground. 防守隊員猛地撲向進攻者,把他摔倒在地。

More examples

  • A spokesman for the dockyard said they hoped to launch the first submarine within two years.
  • On that type of aircraft carrier, a catapult was used to help launch aircraft.
  • The boats were launched in high seas.
  • When is the rocket due to be launched?
  • They plan to launch the rocket next year.

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