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maymodal verb

uk /meɪ/ us /meɪ/

may modal verb (POSSIBILITY)

A2 used to express possibility

There may be other problems that we don't know about. 可能有我們不知道的其他問題。
I may see you tomorrow before I leave. 明天我走前也許還能見到你。
The cause of the accident may never be discovered. 意外的起因也許永遠無法查清。
The explosion may have been caused by a faulty electrical connection. 爆炸可能是由電路連接錯誤引起的。
We'd better not interfere - she may not like it. 我們最好別干涉——她可能會不高興。
There may be some evidence to suggest she's guilty, but it's hardly conclusive. 也許有跡象顯示她有罪,但不怎麼令人信服。

More examples

  • If used on delicate skin, this cream may produce a stinging sensation.
  • People who suffer a stroke may experience a loss of speech.
  • This afternoon we may see some wintry showers over higher ground.
  • We may have to sell the house, but I hope it won't come to that.
  • I worry about the destructive effect that violent films may have on children.

may modal verb (PERMISSION)

B1 formal used to ask or give permission

A reader may borrow up to six books at any one time. 讀者一次最多可借閱六本書。
"May I help myself to some more food?" "Yes, of course." 「我能再要些吃的嗎?」「好的,當然可以。」
Hi, my name's Tiffany. How may I help you? 「你好,我叫蒂芙妮,能幫你做些甚麼嗎?」

More examples

  • Hello, may I speak to Ken Griffey senior, please?
  • "Higgins, you may go now." "Very good, sir."
  • Now a round of quick-fire questions - the first person to press their buzzer may answer.
  • Ask your teacher if you may sit at the front of the class until your glasses are repaired.
  • Excuse me - is this someone's seat, or may I sit here?

may modal verb (WISH)

formal used to introduce a wish or a hope

May you have a long and fruitful marriage. 祝你們婚姻長久美滿。

maynoun [ U ]

uk /meɪ/ us /meɪ/ also may blossom

the flowers of the hawthorn tree


Maynoun [ C or U ]

uk /meɪ/ us /meɪ/

A1 the fifth month of the year, after April and before June

My mother's birthday is in May. 我母親的生日是在五月。
They got married on 12 May.
We're supposed to be moving into new offices next May.

More examples

  • We went to Crete last May.
  • His birthday is in May.

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