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uk /ˈmeʒ.ər/ us /ˈmeʒ.ɚ/

measure verb (SIZE)

B2 [ T ] to discover the exact size or amount of something

"Will the table fit in here?" "I don't know - let's measure it." 「這裡放得下這張桌子嗎?」「我不知道──我們來量一下吧。」
This machine measures your heart rate. 這台機器可測量你的心率。
He measured the flour into the bowl. 他量好麵粉,倒入碗中。

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measure verb (JUDGE)

C2 [ T ] to judge the quality, effect, importance, or value of something

There is no way of measuring the damage done to morale. 對士氣造成的負面影響無法估量。


uk /ˈmeʒ.ər/ us /ˈmeʒ.ɚ/

measure noun (METHOD)

B2 [ C usually plural ] a way of achieving something, or a method for dealing with a situation

What further measures can we take to avoid terrorism? 我們該採取哪些進一步的措施來防範恐怖主義?
These measures were designed to improve car safety. 這些措施旨在提高汽車的安全性。
[ + to infinitive ] Emergency measures to help the refugees are badly needed. 目前亟需採取一些緊急措施救助難民。

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measure noun (SIZE)

[ C or U ] a unit used for stating the size, weight, etc. of something, or a way of measuring

weights and measures 度量衡
The sample's density is a measure of its purity. 樣品的密度是其純度的一個測量方法。

C2 [ C or U ] formal amount

There was a large measure of agreement between the candidates. 候選人之間有很大的共識。
His success was in some measure due to his being in the right place at the right time. 他的成功一定程度上要歸因於天時地利。

C2 [ C ] an exact amount, especially of alcohol

One unit of alcohol is equal to half a pint of beer or a standard measure of spirits. 一個單位的酒相當於半品脫的啤酒或一個標準量的烈酒。

[ C ] US a bar noun


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measure noun (WAY OF JUDGING)

C2 [ C ] a way of judging something

Record sales are not always a measure of a singer's popularity. 唱片銷量並不總是衡量一名歌手受歡迎程度的標準。
We have no accurate measure of the damage. 我們沒有計算損失的準確方法。

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