Translation of "measure" - English-Traditional Chinese dictionary


verb [ L only + noun, T ] (SIZE) 大小 uk us /ˈmeʒ.ər/ US  //

to discover the exact size or amount of something, or to be of a particular size

"Will the table fit in here?" "I don't know - let's measure it." 「這裡放得下這張桌子嗎?」「我不知道──我們來量一下吧。」
This machine measures your heart rate. 這台機器可測量你的心率。
He measured the flour into the bowl. 他量好麵粉,倒入碗中。
The area, measuring/which measures 5 kilometres by 3 kilometres, has been purchased by the army. 這個長5公里、寬3公里的區域已被軍方購買下來。

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